If I graduate from school in March 2024 or September 2024, am I eligible to participate?

Yes, you are eligible, but will lose your eligibility as soon as you no longer belong to a school.

When you graduate, please keep the number of your teammates to three or more.

You need to leave your teammates in order to join this competition.

Is there any age limit for participants?

Students that are studying until the end of the current year (December 2024) are allowed to participate. If you are a university student and you are graduating before the end of the year, please email info@kiboaustralia.com.au

Can we change teammates?

Yes, you can. When you change team information, please resubmit an updated application form.

However, you cannot add a new member after completing the Preliminary Round because it is unfair.

Is the country indicated in the entry qualifications the school’s location or nationality of the students?

It is the school’s location.

Therefore, international students attending a school in countries with qualifications can participate.

However, students in foreign countries may be allowed to form a national team, depending on situations and conditions of the countries in question. If you need further clarification, please inquire to the Point of Contact (POC) of your space agency.

Is it possible to collaborate with students attending other colleges or universities? For example, can a team consist of students from different schools or a mix between high school students and college students?

Yes, you can form a team from different colleges and universities.

Please note that no one cannot belong to multiple teams.

Could you tell me the details of the Preliminary Round?

The Preliminary Round will be held by a space organization in your country.

Before the Preliminary Round, the Point of Contact (POC) belonging to a space organization in your country will contact you regarding the details.

Where will the Qualification Round be held?

It will be held on the web with JAXA’s simulation environment.

Everyone can participate from home or the classroom.

Is this competition divided by academic level such as elementary school, middle school, high school, and college departments?


The competition will be held using the same content and scoring method at any academic level.

A junior and senior high school team won the 1st Kibo-RPC, even though there were many university students.

This is a competition where you can compete regardless of your academic level.

Can I participate even if I have never done programming?


Many participants tried programming or Java language for the first time at the 1st Kibo-RPC, and could participate in the Preliminary Round without any problem.

I would like to apply for the Kibo-RPC, but my country does not participate in the Kibo-RPC. Can I still participate?

No. However, you can participate if you form a team with students living in a country participating in the Kibo-RPC.

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