Dream Rover

Team Members: Jarod and Brandon (Team Managers), Ethan (Team Leader), Douglas, Jai, Annabel, Joshua, Albert

Inspired by the thought of having our own robot in outer space, we wish to transfer the skills that we have from VEX robotics to JAVA coding. We are high schoolers from Sydney NSW, and are very enthusiastic about this competition because we are interested in deepening our understanding of space and robotics. During the process of the competition, we developed a special bond through our common interest, and learnt about teamwork and determination. With hope, skill, and some luck, we endeavour to bring the Dream Rover spirit out into space.

Galen VEX

This is Galen VEX’s second year in the KIBO Robotics Programming Challenge. We are ready to go and complete the Space Mission. We are from Wangaratta, in Regional Victoria.

We have a mix of “old” and “new” members in this year’s team, so we can continue to pass the learning and knowledge on each year. Harvey, Ashlee, Kade and Zach are eager to take the reins on this one, with Mitch and Ryan helping guide them in this new space challenge. The KIBO Challenge is no easy task, but with plenty of perseverance, thinking outside the box and working with great mentors, we are really looking forward to KIBO RPC #2.

Hills Grammar

Team Members: Aaron, Jonathan, Lachlan, Ethan, Jordan, Mark

We are Team HG, a rag-tag collection of alumni and current students from Hills Grammar in Kenthurst, NSW. We are looking forward to coupling the endless expertise our trio of second-year uni students bring with the high-school-fuelled enthusiasm the rest of the team will supply. As a team we share interests in space, robotics, mathematics, and furthering our understanding of technology through solving trivial problems. Good luck to all the other teams!

Holsworthy Hawks

Holsworthy Hawks are a group of aspiring Year 9 students breaking the barriers to go on a learning journey that they never attempted before. Each member comes with their own strength, ready to tackle the Kibo Challenge!


Welcome to S.A.M. Don’t ask what it stands for, we don’t know! Our team is made up of coding enthusiasts from Caringbah HS. We are trying our best to learn Java from our knowledge of other coding languages. Our goal is to innovate the robotics sector. We aim to try our best!

Softbed Team

Team members: Phil (Manager), Dhaivat, Ethan, Luka, Oliver, Hamish, Timothy and Benjamin

We are a group of young but enthusiastic programmers in years 7 and 8 at Caringbah High School in the southern suburbs of Sydney. We are all part of a coding club known as ‘Caringbytes’ and we have joined the competition to test our skills in a competitive environment, to learn more about Java as a language, and to show the world the importance of a soft bed 🙂

Johnnies Space Agency

We are the Johnnies Space Agency. We are a group of rather passionate students from St John the Evangelist Catholic High School, who are here to code our way to victory. From our humble abode on the state’s South-East coast, we seek to use this project to further our skills in coding and learn how to work as a team along the way. Hoping to develop our knowledge of coding, we are here to learn a lot about how coding can be applied to real life situations, and how a career in coding can stem from a high school science experience.

Stardust Crusaders

Catch us if you can! We are the Stardust Crusaders and we are a group of first and second year students in the awesome Bachelor of Space Science at RMIT Australia! We are super excited to be participating in the KIBO programming challenge because we all have a passion for space and can’t wait to use our space and programming skills to save the astronauts from the air leak in the ISS and their untimely deaths from asphyxiation. We haven’t learnt Java before but we have already mastered the language of Python and MATLAB so the rest of y’all better be quaking in your boots. We know that through our determination and power of friendship we will be Java pros in a few weeks. We’ll see you at the finals. Signed, the Stardust Crusaders.

Space Cadets

We are Space Cadets! We are a team of Engineering students who share an immense passion for space and technology. Our team is rich with talent and drive for perfection. We hope to apply what we know to the fullest as well as learn and further expand our boundaries and expertise.


The BOTSS (Brigidine’s Official Technology and Space Squad) is comprised of Isabella Keir, Alice Halpin, Zoe Humberstone, Ines Teixeira Pinto, Mia Tasker, Emily Whiteoak, Alyssa Wong and Natalie Bowesman. Our small, school-based team, regardless of ability, aims to learn about such a fascinating area of technology as well as try new things, encouraging STEM-based education amongst our female peers and the wider community.